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Australia, officially named as Commonwealth of Australia, is one of the most happening places in the world for one to study and live. It is in terms of size the sixth largest country in the world. Australia holds a position of pride as one of the most developed nations of the world. It is also one of the wealthiest countries of the world. The population of Australia comprises of English, Australians, Irish, and Scottish etc. Indians constitute 2% of the total population of Australia.

Life and culture of Australia is quite cosmopolitan in nature. The people of varied nationalities have migrated to Australia and settled there. Although Australia has no official language, English, however, is the most commonly spoken language. Apart from English, other languages such as Mandarin, Italian, Arabic, and Greek are also widely spoken. Australia is a secular country and, therefore, there is no state religion. Nonetheless, the people adhering to Christian way of life and beliefs constitute majority in Australia. Other non- Christian religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism also has its fair share of followers in the country.

Australia experiences temperate weather. Climatic conditions can vary from one part of the country to the other because of the sheer size of the country. The northern part of the country experiences warm weather most of the year while the southern part usually, witnesses cooler winters. Indian population is scattered across the country. Nevertheless, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are the places where majority of Indians reside and work in Australia. Also, these are the cities where Indian cuisine restaurants and movie theaters showcasing Indian movies are found the most. These cities have highly cosmopolitan culture and are very welcoming.

From the point of view of employment, tourism is one of the top industries in Australia. Consequently, finding a temporary or a part time job in a hotel or a bar is not difficult. Apart from this, agriculture; manufacturing and telecommunications are other flourishing areas of employment.

Popular study areas in Australia

Going by the numbers, the top 5 specialization in Australia are

Accountants plan the taxation and financial system of various agencies and also act as advisors on financial matters. Accounting is one of the most lucrative undergraduate specializations in Australia, thus, making it a preferred choice for not just native population but also international students. Indian students are more inclined towards these courses. Accounting consists of courses like Bachelors of Commerce and Bachelors of Economics, two most popular courses in Australia. As far as statistics goes, about 25,200 international students are enrolled in these two courses. However, the investment in accounting courses is sure to reap huge benefits. Accounting is also a job oriented stream and a degree in the field usually fetches its graduates with jobs in some of the top agencies and companies as the requirement of students of this field is ever rising. As the result of a survey goes, till 2017 the job opportunities in this field are expected to rise steeply. Thus, a degree in accounting sector can be your stepping stone to a rewarding career.

Business and Management
Business and management related course is arguably one of the most popular courses worldwide. Australia is no exception in this sense and the numbers prove it. In the year 2007 about 11,000 international students were enrolled in this course in various universities of the country. Business and Management studies usually inculcate entrepreneurial skills in the students and make efficient managers out of them. Skills developed during the period of the course makes students job ready, to be employed and contribute to their employers immediately and efficiently. Many Indians prefer to pursue a degree in Business and Management in Australia. Almost three quarters of business studies graduates in Australia are employed within six months after their graduation. Opting for Business and Management related course is, therefore, a wise thing to do!

Information Technology
Information sciences basically hone the computer and software developing and management skills of the students. The use of computer based technology in almost every sector in present times makes this field particularly lucrative. Information science consists of courses such as Bachelors of Information Technology, Bachelors of Computer Science and Technology and Bachelors of Engineering (Computers). Going by the numbers, 4000 international students were studying in these three courses in the year 2007. The job prospects of the field can be ascertained by the fact that 82% of IT graduate gain employment soon after they graduate. A relatively new field that is currently entering into the mainstream in this category is Information Communication Technology (ICT). Australia™s ICT market is worth AUD 100 Billion and is expected to open up new vistas of employment for IT graduates. A degree in this field is, hence, bound to do wonders for your career.

An LLB degree, which is a Bachelor's level degree in the discipline of law, is your key to an exceptional and fulfilling career. The course which teaches you the details about the workings of Australian law and those concerning other jurisdictions as well, can open up gates for various kinds of employment opportunities. Apart from learning law, during the course one can also opt for various elective courses and can modify to study and make it interdisciplinary and apply the learning acquired during the period of the course into practical context. There is no dearth of options when one is armed with an LLB degree. One can launch his/her private practice or can work as an in-house counsel for a large corporation or as a criminal or a community lawyer.

Health Management
A degree in Health Management is basically suited to those students who wish to enter the non-clinical workforce such as health promotion, health management etc. These courses involve the teaching and practice of a broader area of health care and management. These courses also are one of the most preferred pathways to a full fledged medical program. The program provides its students a deep understanding of subjects like health care systems, biomedical sciences, health care ethics etc to ensure that the future medical practitioners are well versed with every aspect of their field. The job opportunities for the graduates of this field are available in both public and private sectors dealing with health issues in any form. Hospitals in Australia, particularly, look for such graduates in order to provide holistic health care to its patients.

Cost of Study
The cost of your study depends upon the institution and the course that you choose. However, the general range of the fees for various levels of courses is provided below. All the figures are in Australian dollars and are payable every year.

Undergraduate Bachelors Degree- $15,000- $33,000 (approximately)
Postgraduate Masters Degree- $20,000- $37,000(approximately)

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Academia International

Academies Australasia Polytechnic


Asia Pacific International College

Australian Institute of Technology Training

Australian International Hotel School (AIHS)

Australian Technical & Management College (ATMC)

Blue Mountains Hotel School

Cambridge International College

Canberra Institute Of Technology

Box Hill Institute

Charles Darwin University (CDU) – Darwin

Charles Darwin University (CDU), Melbourne Campus

Charles Sturt University

Chisholm Institute

CQ University Australia

Curtin University of Technology

Deakin College

Deakin University

Edith Cowan College

Edith Cowan University

Education Centre of Australia

EIP Group

Excelsia College

Federation University

Flinders University

Griffith College

Griffith University

Holmesglen Institute

IIBIT – Adelaide , Sydney

IIBT – Australia


Institute of health and Nursing Australia

International College of Hotel Management (ICHM)

James Cook University

James Cook University, Brisbane

Kangan Institute
Kaplan business school

Kent Institute of Business & Technology

Kent Institute

La Trobe University

Le Cordon Bleu

Melbourne Institute of Technology (MIT)

Menzies Institute of Technology

Monash College

Monash University

Murdoch Institute of Technology
Murdoch University

RMIT University

SAE Institute

Sarina Russo Schools
South Australian Institute of Business & Technology [SAIBT]

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University Sydney Campus
St Peter Institute
State Govt Victoria-Department Of Education & Training

Swinburne University of Technology

Sydney Institute of Business & Technology

TAFE Western Australia

Taylors College

The hotel School Sydney

Torrens University Australia
Trinity college

University Of Adelaide
University Of Adelaide College
University Of Melbourne
University of New England
University of New South Wales (UNSW)
University of Queensland
University of South Australia
University of Tasmania – UTAS
University of Technology Sydney- UTS
University Of Western Australia (UWA)
University of Wollongong

UTAS – Australian Maritime College
Victoria University

Western Sydney college
Western Sydney University
William Angliss Institute
Engineering Institute of Technology
TAFE SA – Vocational Education & Training in Adelaide, South Australia