Relocate to France

EU Blue Card – France is an immigration permit which has resemblance to US Green Card. This will allow highly educated skilled professionals from foreign locations to come to France and explore the career opportunities available in this beautiful rich country. Non-EU skilled workers can live and work in France with this card.

While you need a visa to enter France, you must apply for a residence permit to be able to live in France. The type of residence permit you need depends on the reason for your stay.

A new type of multi-year residence permit – the Talent Passport – has recently been introduced to make France more attractive to foreign talent. You can find out more about the eligibility criteria in the various sections of this website.

A visa authorizes you to enter French territory. This document is issued by the French consular authorities in the foreign national’s country of residence in the form of a sticker affixed to a passport. It authorizes the holder to enter French territory, travel within the Schengen Area and stay in France for a specified period. There are several categories of visa.

Residence permits, Talent Passports and intra-company transfer (ICT) permits granted to foreign investors, company directors, startup owners and employees make it easier for your family to come to France with you. Family members may be eligible for residence rights as well as access to employment through the ‘accompanying family’ procedure.

Whatever the length of your stay for business purposes, you must typically obtain a work permit before you can take up paid employment in France. There are a number of exemptions from the work permit requirement as well as multi-year residence permits that are equivalent to work permits.

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